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Hot Fuck Buddies


Table of Contents

1. My Drill Sergeant

2. Scoring (more than) a Goal

3. A Summer Reunion

4. The Auction

5. The Job

My Drill Sergeant



Another morning where the lights cut on way too early. I felt like a train had hit me and I barely had time to recover before standing in front of another one.

“Get your asses up and ready,” Sergeant Tony yelled through the room.

Sergeant Tony.

I’d dreaded coming to boot camp. I was only here because I flunked out of college and my parents had threatened to cut me off if I didn’t. It was the last place I wanted to be; the army was the last career I had in mind for myself. I’d been here just over a week, and so far, there was only one thing getting me through: Sergeant Tony.

Tony was mean, aggressive, and everything he was supposed to be as a drill sergeant. But he was sexy as fuck. I would have let that man stand in front of my face all day and scream all he wanted, just to be close to him. And I’d found him screaming in my face quite a bit- definitely more so than the other cadets.

“You’re gonna have to move faster!” he would scream on our morning runs as I lagged behind the rest of the squad.

“Yes sir,” was all I could reply with, even though I physically couldn’t move any faster.

This morning was the same. I wasn’t improving, or at least I didn’t feel like I was.

“What the fuck is wrong with you cadet?!” Tony yelled as I struggled to pull myself up over an obstacle on the obstacle course. I did not have the upper body strength most of the other cadets had.

“I’m sorry, sir,” I replied.

“Don’t apologize! Just fucking do it!” he screamed again.

“Yes sir,” I said.

What are you going to do to me if I don’t? I said to myself in my head, although I would have never said as much out loud. These thoughts were my escape; my way of coping.

I was relieved when lunch came around. A brief respite from the rest of the day. Today, however, was different. I’d just started to eat when Tony came and put one of his hands on my shoulders. This was the first time he’d touched me in my time here. A pleasing chill traveled down my spine.

“My office, now, cadet,” he whispered in my ear. Another chill came over me, this one even stronger.

“Yes sir.”

I followed Tony to his office and he slammed the door shut behind us. I got a good look at him for the first time, gazing up and down at his tall, beefy, muscular body. I also happened to notice the wedding ring on his finger.

“You’re behind,” Tony said.

“I know, sir. I’m sorry. I’m trying,” I told him.

“If you don’t improve soon, we’ll have to move you to an alternative group.”

“I’ll do my best, sir,” I said earnestly.

“What would help you improve?” he asked.

Sergeant Tony looked me dead in the eyes, and before I could respond, he started unbuttoning his issued jacket. My heart rate increased dramatically, and my palms began to sweat.

“Uhh…” I started, dumbfounded at the situation I found myself in.

“Don’t talk. Come here. Get on your knees,” he commanded.

“Yes sir.”

Fuck. He wants me to suck his cock. Fuck yes.

I got on my knees in front of him and he pushed my face into his crotch. His bulging cock was right up against my lips, although his pants separated it from my mouth. I began to undo his pants, but he stopped me.

“Not yet,” he said. “You’re going to have to improve first. This will be your reward.”


That afternoon, I ran my fastest mile yet. I thought about Sergeant Tony’s cock in my mouth the entire time. I thought about him commanding me to suck it, fucking my throat, and forcing me to take his load. He pulled me back into his office afterward, while the rest of the group was running drills.

“I see I motivated you,” he said.

“Yes sir,” I replied.

“Do exactly as I say.”

“Yes sir.”

“Stand right here.” He pointed to a spot on the ground right in front of him. I stood there, and my face was inches from his. There was silence for a moment, and the tension was palpable. My excitement and nerves were yet again getting worked up, this time in anticipation. I couldn’t recall a time where I’d been more excited. “Get on your knees,” he continued. I did as he asked.

Sergeant Tony undid his pants himself. He exposed a huge cock- larger than I expected. It was going to be difficult for me to take it all. I hesitated.

“Is there a problem, cadet?” he asked.

“No sir,” I said.

I took the plunge, licked my lips to moisten them, and wrapped them around the head of his thick cock. I slowly took it as far as it would go, a little at a time, gradually taking more and more of it down my throat. Tony gasped.

“That’s it,” he said. “Take my cock. You earned it.”

“Mmm,” I moaned, doing my best to thank him although I couldn’t talk.

“Be quiet,” he said. So that’s how he wants it. I was willing to go along with whatever he told me to do.

I slowly got used to the size of his cock in my mouth and began to work it up and down. He occasionally gasped and breathed heavier than normal, but otherwise showed limited signs of pleasure. He really was a hard egg to crack, but I was determined.

I began to use my tongue to massage his shaft while I bobbed on it, and he chuckled a little. I was beginning to get to him. He put his hands on my head and forced it downward, forcing me to take it deeper than I had yet. That elicited a loud gasp. He then started thrusting his hips, fucking my mouth just as I’d imagined. It was everything I could do to hold off from stroking my own cock, now hard as a rock. I knew Tony wouldn’t allow it.

Sergeant fucked my throat even more aggressively as the minutes passed. He’d shove it as deep as it would go, hold it there, allow me to nearly gag, and then release. I was surprised at my own ability to keep up. I was even more surprised that the harder he went, the more turned on I was. My stomach was in knots over the whole thing, and my dick was leaking.

Finally, relief came.

“Take my load,” Tony said, even though he didn’t really give me a choice.

His dick pulsed in my mouth and he shoved it inside one last time. His cream filled my cheeks and I swallowed it the best I could, but a trickle escaped my lips. I wiped them with my hand once he released his cock and my mouth was free.

“Get back to the mess hall,” he commanded.

“Yes sir.”

“Cadet- there’s more where that came from. Keep up the good work.”

“Yes sir.”

I privately jerked off in my bunk that evening. It was the only bit of privacy we got. I’m sure my bunk mate felt the movements and heard my light whimpers. I didn’t care. I blew a massive load into my shorts and slept the best I had since I arrived.

The next day, I improved my time yet again, and ran the obstacles with almost zero difficulty. Sergeant Tony noticed, and I could sense him holding back a smile. He picked me up at dinner once again.

“Good job today, Cadet,” he said.

“Thank you, sir,” I said. I began to get on my knees.

“No, I have a bigger reward for you today,” Tony said.

My heart skipped a beat. What could he possibly have in mind? Surely he doesn’t want to…

He did.

“Bend over the desk,” Tony commanded.

“Yes sir.”

His hips pressed against my ass and I began to feel his thick cock growing, pressing against me. He reached around me and undid my pants, aggressively pulling them down and leaving them at my ankles. I heard him do the same with his.

“You ready for this, Cadet?”

“Yes sir,” I said. I didn’t know if I was or wasn’t, but yes sir was the only acceptable response.

Tony’s naked cock pressed up against my hole for real this time. I knew it was going to be a challenge to take- if it was thick for my mouth, it was going to be even thicker in my ass. But I desperately wanted him to fuck me. Like I said, I would have done anything this man asked me to do.

My hole stretched as he pushed his cock inside me. The further he pushed, the more painful it became. I winced and tried to control my breath. I knew it would be difficult, but I trusted Sergeant not to give me anything I couldn’t handle- just like boot camp. I’d realized I could handle that. I CAN take his cock in my ass, I told myself.

“There we go,” I heard Tony say.

“That’s it?” I said. I was surprised. His cock was all the way inside me.

“Is it not enough for you, cadet?”

“Yes sir, it’s enough,” I said.

“That’s what I thought.”

Tony mercifully started off slowly. It was like a massage for my ass, a wave of ecstasy running through my body each time he reached deep inside it. Once I was worked up and stretched out, though, it wasn’t long before he got aggressive. I knew he would. He was my drill sergeant, after all.

“You like my cock in your ass?” He asked in a deep voice.

“Yes sir,” I said. I couldn’t have answered any other way, but it was the truth. It felt fucking amazing.

“Good. I’m going to destroy it.” And he did.

Sergeant Tony fucked me harder and harder. His hips slammed into my ass with force. I couldn’t see it, of course, but I could feel the redness on my cheeks. His desk even shuffled across the floor a few times, he was fucking me so hard. At this point, the pain in my hole was gone- and I felt like I could have tolerated him fucking me as hard as he wanted.

“I’m going to put my load in you,” he said.

“Yes sir,” I replied.

I realized, as the pleasure filled me, my own cock was growing and growing. My body was tensing, and even though I wasn’t touching it (and was in fact holding on to the edges of Sergeant’s desk for dear life), I became aware that my cock could blow at any second. I knew I had to hold off. Tony had to cum first.

I took several deep breaths to keep things under control as much as I could. But I didn’t know if I could hold out for much longer. Tony pounded me again and again, and his deep moans coming from behind me only turned me on more and more.

“Here comes my load,” Tony said.

Thank God. It sounded almost as if he was panting. He took a couple final, hard thrusts and I felt his cock thicken against the edges of my hole. It pulsed inside me, and I felt the warmth of his load filling me. That was the final trigger.

I cried out uncontrollably. Tony swiftly reached around and covered my mouth. The damage was done, though. My cock let loose, and I blew my load all over the desk and floor beneath us before he’d even released his cock from my ass. I never touched anything.

“Holy shit,” I said when he released his hand, after I was done moaning. My body was quivering. It took me a moment to gain my footing and stand up.

“You like Sergeant’s cock,” he said in a statement, rather than a question.

“Yes sir,” I agreed. I absolutely fucking did.

“Keep up the good work and there will be plenty more of it,” he said. For the first time since meeting him, he winked at me and smiled.


Scoring (more than) A Goal

Kayden passed me the ball. I outran the defender and knew I had a wide open shot. He knew, too. We’d developed such a rapport over our seasons playing together that we had some sort of psychological connection. He knew I’d be where I was, and I knew he knew. When I received his ball, I kicked it in the top right corner, past the goalkeeper.

The crowd of people erupted behind me in cheer, but I wasn’t focused on that. Kayden ran toward me with his arms open, and I naturally jumped into them. The rest of my teammates rushed us as we celebrated our match-winning goal. This wasn’t the first time the two of us scored together, but it never got old. I mostly looked forward to the feeling of jumping into Kayden’s arms in a socially acceptable way.

“That was a rush,” he said to me in the locker room a few minutes later. He was pulling off his shirt, revealing his lean, ripped frame, complete with more abs and cuts than I could count. His deep voice sent a small ripple throughout my body, something I hadn’t gotten over in years of knowing the person who had become my best friend.

“It sure as hell was. It never gets old,” I replied.

“I know,” he agreed. He looked down, his excited eyes changing expression. Something was wrong.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Nothing,” he said, pausing before he continued. “I just…we don’t have many matches left. We’re both about to graduate. We’ll get our degrees, get jobs…it won’t be like this anymore.”

He was right. I didn’t know what to say, and had a hard time not matching his expression. I could see where his sadness was coming from. It wouldn’t be long before the rushes were gone, and gone for good. Neither one of us were going to go on to play professional soccer. This was it.

“I’m sorry,” Kayden said. He must have sensed my mood now, too.

“No worries, dude. You’re right. I guess we’ll just have to make the best of it, right?” I slapped him playfully on his shoulder.

“Hey, Mike, you, uh, wanna come over to my place?” he asked.

“Sure. Let’s get showered and I’ll meet you over there.”

The showers were another thing I was going to miss about playing college soccer. Damn. It was always everything I could do to not stare at the amazing bodies my teammates had. It never got any easier.

I showered next to Kayden, who was especially difficult not to stare at. He had a perfectly lean soccer build, brown hair, beautiful eyes, flawless skin, and a beautiful cock that was pretty big when it wasn’t even hard. I could only imagine what it was like when he was going to town on some chick, which he was known to do. He was usually telling me about some new conquest at least every week.

I took a deep breath and let the warm water run over my naked body, trying not to get hard as Kayden did the same next to me. Mercifully, the locker room showers were always quick. I didn’t have to hold out long, but I certainly had been worked up. Usually I’d go home and take care of myself- but tonight I was headed to Kayden’s. It would have to wait.

Within seconds of my knock, Kayden opened the door with a huge smile. He gave me a hug- tighter than the usual bear hug. My chest squeezed against his.

“It’s good to see you, Mike,” he said.

“Yeah, uh, you too,” I replied. Something seemed strange. He was behaving in a way I’d never witnessed with him before.

We found ourselves both standing in his doorway, looking each other in the eyes. I recognized the look I saw- it was similar to the one I saw in the locker room. But I was now picking up a sense of longing. A tension quickly began to fill the space around me- around us.

Suddenly, Kayden swooped in for a kiss. His lips met mine and I didn’t stop him. My stomach folded over and nearly erupted upward.

“What…what’s happening?” I whispered the first moment I was able to catch my breath.

“This is okay, right?” Kayden started. “I always assumed…”

“Yes. Yes. It’s okay,” I said.

It was everything I had been wanting for four years. I decided not to question it. There would be time for that later. The moment was now.

I kissed Kayden back ferociously. The energy of our lips descended into our bodies and filled me with waves that reverberated throughout. My stomach continued folding over, heating up in the process. My cock followed, growing from neutral to full attention in the span of seconds. We pressed against each other intently, and I felt his bulge, too.

“Can I, uh, touch you?” I finally asked at one point.

“Yes,” Kayden said smiling, nearly chuckling. “You can touch me all you want.”

I slipped my hand under his shirt and began running all over his abs. As it slithered up to his chest, he took his shirt off entirely. I followed. We pressed our naked chests up against each other, our warm bodies colliding, and I took the first dive into his shorts. He gasped as I dug around and eventually found his cock, holding it in my hand.

“I’ve wanted that for a long time,” I whispered.

“I know,” he said. “I know.”

I got down on my knees and nearly pulled his shorts down before he stopped me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing,” He said. “I kinda want to go first.”

“You want to…you want to suck mine?” I said with a voice of surprise.

“Yeah,” he said, nodding.

I stood back up and leaned against the wall, letting him take over. Kayden got down on his knees and pulled my shorts down. My hard cock bounced back up to freedom, and the cool air of the room felt like a rush against it and the rest of my now completely naked body. That didn’t last, though. Before I knew it Kayden’s warm mouth was on my cock.

“Damn,” I gasped. “Have you, uh, ever done this before?” His lips felt incredible the way they were working my cock up and down.

“Maybe,” he said, grinning.

You should have told me, I wanted to say. Before I could respond, though, my cock was all the way down his throat. I moaned, and lost my train of thought. I relaxed into the moment. And the moment felt fucking incredible.

The sensation of my cock being buried down Kayden’s throat amplified the waves already pulsing throughout my body. I couldn’t control them; I soon found my legs shaking. A pressure was building in my stomach and continued to get lower, until it reached my groin.

Within minutes, my best friend had completely worked me up. My cock was warm and slippery, and I edged closer each time his lips moved the length of my shaft.

“Dude, you’re gonna make me cum if you keep going,” I warned.

“Isn’t that the idea?” he said during a brief pause.

“Oh,” was all I could say. My back collapsed against the wall. Kayden kept sucking like it was his job.

My toes curled and it took every ounce of concentration to remain standing, even though the wall was supporting half my weight. I moaned out loud as I crossed the threshold, grabbing Kayden’s hair for some fallacy of control. I blew my load in his mouth, and he kept sucking until it was all gone.

“You taste amazing,” Kayden said. I didn’t know how to respond, my brain in a fog of ecstasy. “Your turn,” he winked.

I could only smile and chuckle. To make things easier, I pushed him down on the couch. I pulled his shorts down, revealing his throbbing cock, even bigger than what I’d imagined. I gave it a few strokes.

“Suck it,” he said.

I took Kayden’s cock in my mouth. I relished the experience, savoring every last inch of it as I moved slowly down. Eventually my lips reached the bottom of his shaft. He grabbed my head and gasped. I’d wanted this for so, so long.

Kayden’s cock was sweet and delicious. I breathed in his musk and began to get hard again myself, my body barely having time to rebound from getting blown. Kayden began to squirm as I moved up and down his cock, taking it deep down my throat several times.

“You’re good at this,” he commented in between moans.

“I could have shown you a long time ago,” I said.

“Better late than never.”

I continued, making him squirm and moan even more. I had one hand wrapped around his cock, working in unison with my lips and tongue, and my other hand explored his body. I squeezed his chest, arms, nipples, and pressed against his abs. He writhed around in his seat more and more each move I made.

When I was done with his body, I gently fondled his balls in my hand. This drove him even more wild, and he forced my head down on his cock, taking control of the motion. He moaned louder and I felt him thicken inside my mouth. I knew what was coming.

“Take my load,” He gasped.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned.

In the highest-pitched voice I’d ever heard come out of him, Kayden moaned, and he spurted into my mouth several times. His load was the sweetest I’d ever tasted. I returned the favor and swallowed every last drop.

My own cock was still throbbing when I released his from my mouth.

“Mind if I do?” I said, stroking it in my hand.

“You’re gonna get off again?” he asked. He seemed both surprised and impressed.

“Hell yeah,” I said.

“Do it.”

I stroked my cock up, and it only took seconds for my body to tighten and prepare another load to be released. I blew it all over Kayden’s abs. It was an impressive size for a second load so quickly after the first one, and it decorated my best friend’s perfect body beautifully.

We both relaxed back onto the couch, processing what had just happened. Kayden rested his hand on my naked thigh. A few seconds later, he went in for a final kiss.

“I’m gonna miss playing with you,” he said. “A lot.”

“I know. I feel the same way,” I said intently.

“Wanna spend the night?”

“In your bed?” I asked.

“Nah, on the couch, doofus,” he joked. “Of course in my bed. Come on.”

He took my hand and we went to the bedroom to do it all over again before falling asleep in each other’s arms.


A Summer Reunion

It was my first summer back home from college. The best time of year- a time of year where I could anonymously stare at all of the shirtless guys with my sunglasses on. Most of it, so far, was being spent at my buddy Adam’s house. He had a pool, a lot of attractive friends, and his parents weren’t around much. The most attractive man that spent time with us, though, was his older brother, Ty.

Ty was five years older than me, so about twenty-four now. I’d been attracted to him since I knew I was attracted to men. I never made anything resembling a move, though. He was the kind of guy that always had girls hanging around him, and seemed to love the attention. The summer before, he had a girlfriend with him the entire time. This summer, however, I noticed a member of the opposite sex was conspicuously absent in his presence.

“Hey, Jordan,” Ty said to me as I went into the kitchen to grab a drink. He was inside, apparently doing the same thing I was. He smiled at me with a killer smile- one that always made my knees buckle.

“Hey, Ty,” I said back. I was always lacking for words in his presence.

“It’s good to have you around again, man. We missed you while you were away.”

“Yeah, uh, thanks. I missed y’all too.” That was about the most personal interaction I’d ever had with him. Close to it, anyway.

I stood in the kitchen for a moment- or several moments, I’m not exactly sure how long it was- staring at Ty. He was shirtless, showing off a gym body that had clearly been developed even more over the past year. He’d been perfecting his tan, and his presence was overwhelming to me.

“Everything okay, Jordan?” Ty suddenly asked, snapping me out of my trance.

“Yeah. Uh, yeah, sorry.”

“No worries man. Have a good time today.”

“Thanks,” I said. I awkwardly walked out of the kitchen and back to the pool, taking a seat next to Adam.

Later that day, I needed to use the restroom. When I went inside, I found the one on the downstairs level that I’d been using all day occupied. Instead I headed upstairs to the full bathroom that Adam shared with Ty in between their bedrooms. Having done it so many times before, I walked in without thinking.

Standing feet away from me in the glass, see-through shower, was Ty. Water was running down over his naked body. When I opened the door, the two of us locked eyes.

“I’m so sorry,” I said, nearly running out the door. But Ty stopped me.

“Hey, Jordan, come back,” he shouted. “Go ahead. I don’t mind if you piss while I’m in here.”

“Are you, uh, sure?” I asked.

“Yeah man. We’re both dudes. No harm,” he said, again with his killer smile.

“Okay,” I said hesitantly. But I went ahead and did my business while Ty continued his shower.

I started to walk out, trying not to look at Ty, or even acknowledge that he was there. The image was already imprinted on my mind, and I knew it was going to be masturbation material later. As I had one foot out the door, I heard another shout from behind me.

“Hey, Jordan,” Ty shouted. “You, uh, want to join me?”

I turned around, in disbelief at what I was hearing.

“What?” I said, wanting to confirm my brain wasn’t just making things up at this point.

“Come on, man. Hop in the shower with me. I’ve seen the way you look at me. I don’t bite.” As he was speaking to me, he started stroking his cock, working it up from soft to semi-hard. I couldn’t help but begin to form a tent in my swim trunks myself.

“Oh…okay,” I said, gulping. I was both incredibly excited and incredibly nervous at the same time. I’d never been with a guy like Ty before. He was my deepest fantasy…and it was now coming true.

I slowly stepped toward the shower and opened the door. I started to step inside, but he stopped me.

“Do you always get into the shower with swim trunks on?” Ty asked.

“Oh…yeah,” I said, blushing. I started to pull them off my waist. My cock was now hard as a rock. There was no hiding it. I assumed he knew I was attracted to him before, but if he didn’t, he definitely knew now.

“Dude, relax,” he said. He put his hand on my shoulder, and a surge of electricity ran through me. I felt like I nearly came right then and there. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

I nodded, and stepped in the shower, closing the door behind me. Ty took charge, and pulled me to him, kissing me aggressively. I felt like the wind was taken from my body, and if I hadn’t been pinned up against the shower wall, my knees might have buckled and I would have fallen.

“Fuck,” I gasped ecstatically when I finally caught my breath.

“Fun, right?” Ty said with his smile, this time just inches from my face.

I nodded, and we continued.

The more we kissed, the more comfortable I became. As warm water rained down upon us, my hands found their places all over Ty’s toned body. My mouth soon followed, taking in all of his body- neck, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, ass- with all of the senses I had. As I got lower, Ty was stroking his cock.

“Have you sucked a dick before?” he asked.

I nodded yes. I’d had a few experiences my first year of college, but nothing like this.

“You should suck mine,” he suggested.

Fuck yes.

I tried not to seem too excited, but on the inside, my stomach was folding over itself and felt like it could explode. I got down on my knees, not minding the hard tile floor of the shower. I took Ty’s cock in my hand and then in my mouth, aggressively getting it as far down my throat as I could.

“Damn, man,” Ty gasped. “Impressive.”

I looked up at him but didn’t say anything. Our eyes met, but I kept his cock in my mouth and worked it up and down a couple more times.

He rested his back against the shower wall and I started to go at it harder. I worked his cock up and down, sucking it, moistening it, and massaging it with my tongue. Ty’s gasps turned into light moans, and it became my determination to elicit even more.

Ty started to take control, pressing my head down on his cock, and thrusting it in and out of my mouth. I let him do whatever he wanted. Having him take control of me filled me with ecstasy. I was loving every second of his cock reaching deep down my throat, pulling out, and going back for more.

Suddenly, he stopped, and grabbed my shoulders, helping me back up to face level. He kissed me again, and even gave my cock a stroke. I felt like I could cum at any time just from him touching me.

“What do you say we take this to the bedroom?” he asked.

I nodded yes. I would have done anything he asked, anywhere he wanted. I’m pretty sure he knew as much.

We dried off and Ty pushed me down on his bed. We kissed again, his masculine scruff brushing up against my face, his body laying on top of mine, his throbbing cock pressing against mine. I struggled to catch my breath, euphoria surging throughout my brain and body. I let go and allowed the moment to take me over.

Ty reached for his nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube. I felt my hole warm up immediately in anticipation. He slapped some on his cock and on my ass, cooling it down temporarily, but it warmed back up quickly as I was more than ready to receive him.

“You ever been fucked before?” Ty asked.

“No,” I said. That was the truth. I’d come close a couple of times, but it never worked out. I was ecstatic that he would be my first.

“Good,” he said. He smiled once more.

Ty pressed his cock against my hole. The pressure felt good at first, but soon became intense and painful. I winced and gasped.

“Everything okay?” he asked.

“Yes,” I lied. I didn’t want him to stop.

I took several heavy breaths as he continued to gently push his cock inside me. Eventually the pain subsided. His cock was all the way inside my hole. And it felt glorious.

“Fuck me,” I told him.

“Yeah?” he said, smiling.


Ty started thrusting his hips back and forth, burying his cock inside me. Each time it was all the way in, it pressed a button I didn’t know existed. That button sent pleasure throughout my entire body. His body touching me, him kissing me, the scent of his musk- everything was only amplified. I wasn’t sure how long I was going to last, but I refused to touch my cock and kept breathing to go as long as I could.

“Your hole is tight. It feels incredible,” Ty said. “Better than fucking a chick.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at that. The warmth and energy inside me only continued to grow with each thrust- like it was pushing at a threshold that had its boundaries ballooning, ready to pop at any moment.

“Your cock feels incredible inside me,” I replied.

He smiled and we kissed again. I held his head against mine. His fucking picked up in intensity. He pounded me harder and harder, with more force and pace. I could barely keep up with my breath, but I didn’t want him to stop.

Suddenly, I felt all the energy in me squeeze. My body went tight, my feet arched, everything came to my center.

“I think I…” I started to say, barely able to speak.

I blew an enormous load without even touching my cock. I squeezed so hard that Ty wasn’t able to stay inside me.

“Fuuuuck,” I cried out. “I’m sorry,” I said when I was done.

“Sorry for what?” Ty asked.

“You didn’t get to finish,” I said.

“I can’t be mad. You just blew a massive load and I’m about to add to it.”

I lay on the bed and Ty towered above me. I had full view of his muscular thighs, cock, abs, chest, and arms- all of his muscles clenching and tightening at the same time, just like mine had. A few seconds later, he squirted his load all over me, littering my chest and stomach in several places.

Only after he was done and tossed me a towel did I catch my breath.

The two of us returned to the pool downstairs and I took my seat next to Adam. It was like nothing had happened- it was our secret. But for the rest of the summer, every time I was at their pool, Ty and I found a reason to sneak away. Nobody else was the wiser.


The Auction

“Sold, to number twenty-five in the back!”

I’ve just been bought, I chuckled to myself. That is, bought in a fundraiser for my adult baseball league. Most of the players on my team were auctioning themselves off for an evening of harmless fun- all consenting, of course. My girlfriend, Katie, wasn’t happy about it, but she came around.

I squinted, trying to see who had bought me in the back. I’d gone for a good bit higher than some of the other players. I wasn’t too surprised at that- I knew I was attractive. As the person walked toward the stage to pay up and claim me, I gulped. Alex.

Alex was Katie’s best friend. Alex was a gay man. He’d joked around with me in the past about how he’d do me anytime, anywhere, anything I wanted- and I laughed along because it was never going to happen. Now, though, I was his until midnight. I wasn’t an escort, of course- this was a harmless fundraiser. He knew that. Right? My heart beat elevated ever so slightly.

“Alex,” I said, shaking his hand outside the building when we were finally alone.

“Andrew,” he said. He had a wide smile on his face. I could tell he was as excited as a kid in a toy store. I tried to relax, but my heart rate was continuing to rise.

“Wanna come back to my place for a drink?” Alex asked.

“I’m yours,” I told him. So we got in his car.

“Can I touch you?” he asked when we were on the road. I paused, thinking it over. What the hell. I decided to let him have his fun.

“Sure,” I said.

Alex started by putting his hand on my thigh. I felt a slight tingle inside me, to my own surprise. He moved his hand up toward my waist, feeling my stomach, and then up to my chest. He squeezed my left pec over my button-down shirt. The tingle inside me was growing, contributing to my still-increasing heart rate. But now, I wasn’t sure that it was entirely nerves. Was I excited?

My phone buzzed in my pocket, startling me out of the moment. I jumped a little in my seat, then pulled it out. Alex kept his hand on my thigh.

How’s your evening with Alex? 😉 , my phone read. It was Katie. It all made sense now.

“Katie put you up to this?” I said to Alex.

“You didn’t think I’d do it without her permission? I’m not a home wrecker,” he said with a laugh.

Great ;-), I replied back to Katie. I put my phone back in my pocket.

“So what exactly did you have in mind for this evening?” I asked Alex directly. We were almost to his house. His hand was moving around my waist, inching closer and closer to my groin.

“Just to hang out, man,” he said. He put both hands back on the steering wheel when he turned into his driveway.


We walked inside, I sat on Alex’s couch, and he poured me a drink. I started to feel the edge come off, little by little. What harm could spending the evening with Alex actually do? It didn’t hurt to have my ego stroked a little, either.

He sat down next to me. Our thighs were touching. The tingle that had been present in the car started to return. His eyes were intense as he ran his hand all over my body. Unexpectedly, I found myself needing to catch up with my breath, and my dick beginning to swell. I guess it turned me on that I was turning him on.

“Can I unbutton your shirt?” Alex asked.

“Yeah,” I said and nodded.

One by one, he went down the buttons, exposing my chest and abs. He started to place his hand on my bare skin, but hesitated. I nodded, encouraging him. He put his hand on my chest, squeezing it like he did in the car. He moaned softly. My cock was still growing.

“Does Katie know this is what you wanted to do with me this evening?”

“She gave me permission to do everything,” Alex assured me.

“What do you mean by everything?”

“Anything you’ll agree to,” he said.


“What is it you want me to agree to?” I asked him. My heart was racing again, but I wanted to put him on the spot.

“I, uh…I want to suck your dick,” he said.

In that moment, he’d paid for an evening with me and already gotten my dick hard. My girlfriend had given the green light. I was, admittedly, curious where all this was going to go. I didn’t have a good reason to say no. So I said yes.

“Go ahead,” I nodded.

A look of giddy excitement came over Alex’s face. I could tell he tried to turn it down a notch, but it still came through. His hand slipped downward and onto the spot in my pants where I was already bulging.

“You’re already hard,” he commented.

“Well yeah, you’ve been feeling me up,” I said. “Better get your mouth on it soon.”

I started unbuckling my belt and Alex helped me. My pants were off in no time, and my fully hard cock was standing up in the air. Alex stared at it for a minute, almost admiring it. I took his head in my hand and nudged him toward my cock to remind him what the task was.

Alex moaned and I breathed out as his mouth enveloped my cock. He took it all the way down his throat and bobbed up and down it a few times. He got it nice, moist, and slippery. His mouth was warm. It felt delightful.

A light originated in my groin and moved throughout my body. I tingled all the way into my toes and fingertips. Within minutes, I knew something about Alex’s mouth was magical. I gasped and moaned.

“Good?” Alex asked.

“Very good,” I said. “Very damn good.” I nudged him back down on my cock.

His mouth was perfectly warm and slippery. I didn’t know what I had expected, but this exceeded all my expectations. Alex was damn good at sucking dick, and it was exciting how much he apparently enjoyed it.

“Do you mind if I, uh…” he started, and started to take his clothes off.

“Not at all. You do you, man,” I said.

He got naked and returned to my cock. This time I forced his head down on it aggressively, pushing it up and down, guiding his every motion. I felt like I was getting harder and harder. I wondered if I could blow soon. My body was certainly lighting up in a way I didn’t know possible.

The feeling became so intense that I knew I had to take more control or have things end way too early. I stood up and started pushing myself inside Alex’s mouth, fucking his throat, getting deep inside and leaving it there. His saliva surrounded my cock, he made gagging sounds, but he didn’t tell me to stop. This was his idea, after all.

“You good?” I asked him, just to make sure.

“Fuck yes,” he said, enthusiastically. I forced myself all the way down his throat once more. “You can fuck me if you want,” he said when he was allowed to breathe again.

He wants me to fuck him? The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. As I forced myself down his throat yet again, though, it became more and more appealing. I could go wild on his ass. I wanted to go wild on his ass.

“Bend over,” I said.

“There’s lube in my bedroom,” Alex said. He told me exactly where it was and I went and got it.

When we were both ready, Alex bent over the side of the couch and I pushed my cock against his hole. I went slowly, and it was tight at first. I’d never fucked an ass. Alex moaned in a way that could have been construed as pain or pleasure.

“Keep going,” he encouraged. So I did.

The more I pushed inside, the tighter it became. Once I found myself all the way in, though, it fit like a glove. The wincing on Alex’s face turned into a smile, one of total pleasure and relaxation.

“That’s the spot,” he said. I laughed along.

For the first moments, I slowly worked things up, but it didn’t take me long to really get going. Alex’s moans kept pace with my thrusts. His ass was nice, and I started to fuck it hard and fast.

“Fuck yeah,” he said.

“Fuck yes,” I agreed.

So much of the turn on was from him enjoying it. But his ass also felt incredible on my cock as I slipped in and out. I worked up to a jackhammer’s rhythm, slapping his ass, making a sound every time my hips slammed up against it. He only seemed to enjoy it more and more each time.

The uncontrollable feeling was returning to my body. My toes were curling as I fucked him. I allowed this ecstatic force to overtake me; to become wrapped up in the moment. My body clenched together, my muscles tightening. The sweat dripped off my face and onto Alex’s back. My cock was thickening. I knew my body was preparing to release my load, and I wasn’t going to be able to hold off much longer.

“I’m gonna cum,” I warned Alex.

“Do it inside me. Breed me,” he said.

I slammed into his ass a few more times with as much force as I had. Each time it elicited a loud moan. Finally, I knew it was coming.

“Ahhhhhh,” I cried out in one long, extended moan. I pushed myself inside him until I was done. The warmth of my own load surrounded my cock in his ass.

“That was incredible,” Alex commented when it was done. He stood up and his own cock was hard as a rock. “You, uh, wouldn’t wanna help me out, would you? No big deal if you don’t,” he said. I smiled. I guess I could do something for him, too.

“Sit down,” I told him, and put a towel down on the couch.

I took Alex’s cock in my hand and started stroking it. I jerked him off just as I would jerk myself off. He was wiggling in no time, clearly enjoying it, laying back and keeping his eyes on my body. In just a few minutes, he blew his load, shooting almost a foot up in the air and all over his body.

“That was a good one,” I commented.

“It’s what you do to me,” he said. “You know, Katie says I can suck your dick anytime you’re willing to let me.”

“Does she?” I replied sarcastically. But it didn’t surprise me. “I guess I’ll be back then.”

I wasn’t lying.


The Job

I walked into the office, which was on the top floor of a high-rise in the city. It appeared to be part of some kind of penthouse, but I couldn’t be sure. The one thing I was sure of was that this was going to be unlike any job interview I’d ever had.

I was led into the office and asked to wait. It was bare, except for a desk and two chairs. It did have a beautiful view of the city skyline. I waited for what was probably a few minutes, but felt like longer. Then I heard the door behind me begin to open.

I turned around, and in walked a man, about my age (late twenties), wearing a very expensive suit. I wasn’t gay, but I knew this guy was attractive. An alpha of sorts. He could get any girl he wanted. In that moment, I knew I wanted to work for him.

“Jason MacLain,” he said confidently, sticking out his hand for a handshake. I shook his hand back, and it was possibly the most firm one I’d ever engaged in. I felt a sort of spark inside me. His presence and energy were contagious.

“Eddie,” I told him.

“Take a seat, Eddie,” he said, pulling out one of the chairs for me. I did as he asked, and he sat on the other end.

“This is a beautiful view,” I commented nervously, trying to make small talk.

“It really is. And it can be yours, if you want it,” Jason said.

“Huh?” I was admittedly a little confused. Normally these things started off with a Tell me about yourself sort of question, but this wasn’t normal. Jason smiled and politely laughed at my confusion.

“I’m going to cut to the chase,” he said. “It’s going to sound strange at first. Just listen.” He said it so convincingly, I was almost hypnotized. I was hanging on the edge of my seat like a movie, wondering what was going to happen next.

“Okay,” I said.

“I know you, Eddie. I don’t bring just anyone in here. You’re great at what you do, you have a squeaky clean background, and you’re exactly the kind of guy I want in my personal assistant job,” he said.

“Oh,” I said, a little taken aback. Was I getting offered the job already? “I guess that’s…great.”

“You saw the pay in the job description?”

“Yes, it’s phenomenal,” I said.

“Well, there’s two different pay scales. That’s the lower one. Here’s the higher one.” He scribbled something on a piece of paper and slipped it over to me. My eyes widened. That was really fucking good pay.

“How do I get the higher one?” I asked.

Jason shifted in his seat. It was the first time in the whole interaction I’d seen him look mildly uncomfortable. He quickly squashed it, though, and was as confident as ever when he began to speak.

“I want you to know the job is yours either way, if you want it. But I have certain expectations of a personal assistant with the higher pay. But it comes with certain benefits, too.”

“What kinds of expectations?”

Jason took a deep breath. “You do what I want, when I want it,” he said. He looked me directly in the eyes, and somehow, in that moment, I knew exactly what he meant. I’d thought he could get any girl he wanted. As it turned out, he wanted a guy…and that guy was me. “You also get to live here, in your own wing of the penthouse, with this view, and all the amenities…rent free,” he said. “You could retire in five years if that’s what you wanted to do.”

Fuck. I sat in my seat, totally stunned. The situation was just so unbelievable that I didn’t know what to say.

“I, uh…” I started.

“You need to think. I know. I’m going to walk out of the room. Take as long as you need to think, and knock on the door when you’re ready. But I need an answer before you leave today.”

“Okay,” I said.

I gazed out the window and over the skyline, just as striking as when I had walked into the room for the first time. Then I thought about the salary figures. The low one was good. The higher one was…damn. And then I thought about Jason. It would be my job to be his submissive. Was I up for that? I had nothing against being with a man, in theory. I’d just never had the desire. The more I thought about it, though, the more I thought he could be different. His energy was commanding. There was no denying that. And he was right…if I agreed, I would be set for life in a matter of a few years. Even if I wanted out, I’d be set for years in a matter of a few months.

I’m gonna do it.

I knocked on the door, just like he said. He walked back inside with a grin on his face and a bunch of papers stacked underneath his arm.

“What’s it gonna be?” he asked charismatically.

“I’ll do it. The higher one. I’ll live here,” I stuttered.

“Good,” he said, his smile widening. “I have some stuff for you to sign. And then we’ll be set.”


I signed a bunch of papers with the fanciest pen I’d ever had in my hand. Within minutes, I was officially under contract.

“Let’s go on a tour,” Jason said.

I followed him out and into the living area of the penthouse. I was blown away- a giant living room with a theater, a private pool, a balcony, the nicest kitchen I’d ever put my eyes on, and a massive bedroom with a gorgeous glass shower and oversized tub.

“This is yours,” Jason smiled.

“I…I don’t know what to say,” I said.

“You don’t have to say anything,” he said. He walked closer to me, standing just inches from my face. Then he leaned in and gave me a kiss on the lips. The spark I’d felt when I was first in his presence reappeared inside me, tenfold. “You just have to suck my dick,” he whispered when he stood back.

Jason gently nudged my shoulders down. I didn’t resist, and got down on my knees. He shoved my face in his crotch. I could smell a mixture of cologne and musk in his suit pants. And his dominant attitude was surprisingly turning me on.

I reached for his cock and pressed my hand against the bulge in his pants. He started to unbuckle his belt, and soon his cock was free and slapping me against the cheek. I found myself eager to take it.

“Suck it,” Jason insisted.

I took it in my hand, studying it for a minute, never having seen another man’s cock this close before- as if I expected it to look fundamentally different.

“Suck it,” He said again, this time more impatiently.

I stopped hesitating and put the whole thing in my mouth, careful to avoid my teeth, and took it as far down my throat as I could. Jason gasped and sighed. I knew he was pleased, at least momentarily.

I started slurping his cock up and down, getting it nice and slippery. He did a fair amount of work himself, occasionally fucking my mouth or pushing my head down onto him. The whole thing was fast and intense. My jaws and cheeks were quickly getting sore, but I could deal with that for what I was getting paid. And…for him. Fuck he was a sexy man. I couldn’t believe I was even thinking that, but I was. I could get used to this.

It ended almost as quickly and intensely as it had started. Within a few minutes of working him up, he was ready.

“You always take my load in your mouth, unless I say otherwise,” he told me.

I looked up at him and nodded the best I could with his dick still encircled by my lips.

He fucked my throat a couple more times, and pushed my head down. I felt his cock engorge against my tongue, and then pulse several times. His warm, creamy load filled my cheeks. I swallowed it all before letting his cock out of my mouth.

When we were finished, Jason zipped up his pants like nothing had happened. We continued the tour.

“If you keep performing like that, you might get a raise,” he eventually said. I made a mental note. “Go home and pack. You move in tomorrow,” he said.

“Yes sir.”

I arrived at the penthouse the next morning, wearing my best suit, figuring it would be the kind of thing a well-dressed man like him would want in his presence. I put my things down in the bedroom and he came into greet me. He looked me up and down and chuckled.

“I appreciate the effort,” he said, “But this is your uniform now. This is what you wear, unless we’re having guests over or I tell you otherwise,” he said.

In his hand, he held up a pair of compression-fitting boxer briefs.

“This is it?”

“Yes,” he said succinctly. “Get changed and I’ll meet you out in the living area.”

I laughed to myself at how crazy all this was. I took of my clothes, put on the boxer briefs, and went along. It was the only thing I could do.

“You look fucking sexy,” Jason said.

“Thank you. Uh, you too,” I said.

“Yeah? You enjoyed sucking my cock yesterday?”

“I did. I actually did,” I said.

“Maybe you should do it again,” he said.

I sucked him off again like it was part of my job, and then he went over my responsibilities with me. I was to be around him during certain hours, keep track of his schedule and commitments, and take care of some of the household duties around the penthouse. But it seemed like a big part of it was sitting around and looking pretty…which I had absolutely zero problem with. That day, in fact, I finished my list of tasks and headed to the pool with plenty of sunshine left in the afternoon.

Not long after I settled, Jason came out to join me. It was the first time I hadn’t seen him in a suit. He was wearing a pair of pretty skimpy swim trunks. And damn did he have a nice body for a dude. His chest was toned, his arms had veins, and he had visible abs.

“Looking good,” I commented, hoping to build up some good will. He smiled.

“Thanks. You too,” he said. He dipped his sunglasses and looked me up and down with his bare eyes. “In fact, stand right there.”

I stood still, and Jason started massaging his groin. I could see his hard cock working up with the swimsuit he was wearing leaving little to the imagination. Soon it was off, and he commanded me to take mine off, too. He was stroking his cock over the skyline of the city while looking at me.

“You don’t worry that anyone will see you up here?” I asked.

“Nobody looks up. Just down. And I don’t care anyway,” he said confidently. “I’m up here with a sexy man. They’re not.”

I didn’t know how to respond to that, but I wasn’t one to question it. Maybe he was an exhibitionist. I felt I still had a lot to get to know about him.

“Come here,” he said. I walked to him and started to get on my knees. That was one thing I knew already- that he liked blow jobs. “No,” he stopped me. “Bend over.” He eyed the railing of the balcony. I did as he asked. I realized he was about to fuck me- something I knew was a possibility, but hadn’t quite played out in my mind just yet. But I was open. And I was his.

Jason seemed to have lube handy, as if he’d planned this (he probably had). He prepped us both and pressed his cock against my ass. It felt good at first. Maybe this won’t be that bad, I thought. But as soon as I’d thought that, it started to hurt.

“Damn you’re tight,” he said.

“I’ve never done this before,” I said.

“It’s okay. We’ll have to work on it,” he said. He kissed me on the back of my shoulder. It was almost sweet.

The sweetness didn’t last long. Jason was aggressive. As soon as I’d gotten warmed up and didn’t feel much pain anymore, he used it as a green light to go to town. I didn’t know how, or why, I liked it so much, but I enjoyed being subservient to him.

He worked up a rhythm pounding my ass, alternating between slow and steady and fast and hard. He would stand up straight or sometimes lean down and touch his chest to my back. I could feel the weight of his strong body against me, and the electricity of it filled me every time it did. I admired the view of the city as his cock slid in and out of me.

“Are you enjoying my cock in your ass?” he asked, demanding an answer.

“Yes sir,” I told him.

“That’s fucking right you are.”

I started to stroke my own cock. I was getting why guys liked this- I never understood it until now. But each time he reached deep inside my hole, it was like a massage, and one that was hitting a pleasure zone I never knew existed. I didn’t want him to stop. I felt my body tensing into a ball of energy that was going to feel phenomenal when it was ready to explode. I didn’t know how long I could keep that from happening.

I stroked my cock more, and Jason fucked me harder and harder.

“Are you stroking?” he asked me.


“I want to make you cum. Then you’re going to take my load.”

“Yes sir,” I said enthusiastically.

A few more thrusts, and my feet were going numb. I held onto the rail for steadiness, but I couldn’t control what was coming. I moaned out loud, almost shouting, as I released. I sprayed my load on the balcony and the glass wall of the edge while he kept pounding away.

“Hell yeah,” he commented. “Turn around. Get on your knees. I’m going to cum all over your face.”

“Yes sir,” I said.

I assumed position and he stroked for a few more seconds, but before I knew it my lips, nose, cheeks, and chin were covered with his warm load. I licked up the parts of it I could reach with my tongue.

“You’re good,” Jason said. “I think this is going to work out.”

“Me too,” I agreed. “Me too.”

I jumped in the pool to clean off.

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