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How Do You Know When You Finish Puberty?

As gay men, we are intimately and deeply in touch with the process of going through puberty. It changes our body, our mind, and inevitably, our sexuality. We often take pride in how far we’ve come in becoming the men we were meant to be, but what happens when we finally arrive at the end of our transition? How do you know when puberty is done and you are truly a man? Let’s take a look at the signs that tell you your journey of growing up is over, and that you can finally take ownership of the body and mind you took so long to perfect.

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1. Exploring the Physical & Emotional Changes of Puberty

When it’s time for puberty, the body goes through an incredible transformation to become the delightfully gay man that we all love and lust after. Physically, the body undergoes numerous changes that are helpfully visible. Voice deepening, increased muscle bulk, widening of shoulders, height increases, body & facial hair growth, increased libido, and a widening of the dick are just the tip of the physical changes iceberg.

But these physical changes can bring a whole new wave of emotional changes as well. Increased self-awareness, more distinct likes and dislikes, increasing sensitivity, sexual desire & exploration, and more are all part of growing up gay. Some reactions to puberty can be positive and fulfilling, whereas others can be negative and even confusing. Many men may experience feelings of loneliness and uncertainty as their body changes.

Tips to help Boys Survive Puberty

  • Take care of yourself and your body
  • Seek positive reinforcement from your peers and the community
  • Keep a positive attitude and outlook on life
  • Expand knowledge about human sexuality
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things
  • Learn to respect yourself and pick healthy relationships
  • 2. Knowing When to Seek Professional Guidance

    It’s important to recognize when it’s time to reach out for some proficient help. If you’ve got a penis, there’s no denying that you’ve got a hard job when it comes to managing and maintaining your sexual health. But with the right guidance, you can become a master of your domain and have a lot of fun while you’re at it!

    Here are some tips that can tell you when it’s time to seek professional guidance:

    • If you’re feeling concerned about any pain or unusual sensations in your dick during or after sexual activity.
    • If you’ve had unprotected sex with multiple partners, and are worried about the risk of catching an STI.
    • If you’ve been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection and you need help getting back on track.
    • If you’ve had a partner cheat and you want to ensure that you’re taking the proper precautions.
    • If you’re considering engaging in high-risk sexual activities but want professional guidance on how to make them safe.

    Don’t let shame or pride stand in the way of receiving the professional help that you deserve. Be sure to do your research and find a respected and experienced sexologist who can help provide you with the guidance that you need to keep your sexual health in check.

    3. Experiencing the Joy of Sexual Maturity

    Sexual maturity helps gay men to understand and appreciate their bodies in ways they never did before. Developing relationships with their dicks can become a divine experience, one of the great joys of maturation.

    Exploring erotic pleasure brings new understanding of what it means to be a mature gay man. Finding your own sensual pleasure, understanding the power of the erotic and having an appreciation for the beauty of the male form allow gay men to experience a heightened level of sexual maturity.

    • Discovering your own unique pleasure preferences
    • Learning how to use touch, breath, sound, fetish and fantasy to enhance pleasure
    • Developing a profound appreciation for the beauty of the male form
    • Finding ways to expand and strengthen arousal
    • Creating stronger connections in relationships
    • Learning to express desires authentically with confidence

    Regardless of how this exploration unfolds, the outcomes of sexual maturity are sure to bring about greater pleasure, connection and satisfaction for the gay man. There is nothing quite like the intense pleasure of owning and expressing one’s sexuality in a mindful, responsible and passionate way.

    4. Celebrating Your Transition to a New Self

    As you begin to celebrate your transition into a new self, it’s an opportunity to explore, express, and redefine your queer identity in surprising and creative ways. Let your imagination take over and savor every moment as you delve into uncharted territory.

    Start by embracing your femininity and taking pride in your dick – its size, shape, curves, and power. Caress it with your palms, gently fondling its warmth and curves. Feel yourself becoming aroused as you stroke the hard length of it. With each movement, feel the heat of sexual desire rising in your body. Bring yourself to the edge of pleasure where you can feel yourself becoming aroused by your own sexual energy.

    Concluding Remarks

    Enjoying this moment of body-revelation and physical transformation can be exciting and full of possibility. It is an opportunity to explore sex in all its wonderfully diverse forms. Take the time to revel in the pleasure of every accomplished milestone and bask in the beauty of physical maturing. Puberty may come and go, but your body is here to stay. Own it!

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