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How to Draw a Penis From Side View?

Are you ready to conjure detailed visions of perfection? To graze the tip with your insight and fully appreciated the vision of a the highest achievement of the male form imagined by Michelangelo? To draw a dick from side view requires deep knowledge, skill, and an incredible appreciation for the beauty of the male body. With the right guidance, anyone with access to a pen and paper can learn how to create the most tantalizing silhouettes. Get ready as we guide you, step-by-step, on a journey to create and express the most exquisite cock from the side view.

Table of Contents

1. Outline the Shape and Tone of the Male Form

The male form is incredibly unique – no two men are alike in their shape, angle or size. From the cocky confidence of an adonis back to the more relatable shapes of the everyday man, the male form can be defined but never fully tamed. It is the curves, bumps, crevices, and hollows that give male form its shape – crafted by the biological system and endlessly moulded by exercise, the male form is a constantly evolving source of inspiration.

  • Bumps and Crevices – the twang of a taut trim pecs, the waterfall ripple of an eight pack, the hidden soft spots of the lower stomach – all crafted in the workshop of nature’s design to frame the firm and fierce figure of a man.
  • Angles and Girth – are we talking about a long lean torso, the antler-like shoulder high, or a stone frame carved in a classic pose? The varying angles often feature straight lines, broad curves, and blocky shapes that help define the exact shape of a man.
  • Size and Scale – the muscled physique of a body builder, the toned build of a sportsman, or a lean frame of a dancer, all compressed to a manageable size that sets the perfect leanness or weight to define the form.

No matter the variation, the ratio and size of the typical male form is unmistakable. From the classic V-line of an Olympian, to a thicker frame and lanky limbs, the male form is not fixed; it’s an ever-changing set of dimensions which, when properly harnessed, define the manly frame. Whether it’s a weed-like or veiny penis, an elegant rib cage, a tight muscular chest, or the graceful lines of a strong full thigh, the male form is intended to display strength and power, sexual energy, and sheer raw power.

2. Establish the Cusp & Anatomy of the Glans

Once you have the protruding glans in your sights, you can begin to really explore its specific shape and angle. Its girth can vary from thick and bulbous to slick and streamlined, while its circumference can vary from oval to nearly spherical. Its surface is enshrouded in a cushiony layer of skin asidelanes, navigable pleasure pathways for the tongue and lips alike, just waiting to be primed for pleasure. Despite its grandiosity, the glans is exquisitely sensitive to the slightest of touches, ready to receive and rapturously relay any attention paid its way.

Take the time to trace every ridge and furrow that make up the shaft. Revel in the texture and musculature of just the right kind of friction that causes the skin to ripple in anticipation. With deep caresses along the glans, you can press firmly and observe all of the intricate lines that outline each ridge of soft flesh, amplifying the sensory experience and crescendoing to full-blown arousal. Prepare to be amazed by the power of the glans!

  • Bulbous or Slim-Lined?
  • Oval or Spherical?
  • Cushiony Skin Layer?
  • Deep Caresses?
  • Intricate Lines?

3. Define the Texture and Penile Ridge of the Coronal

The texture and penile ridge of the coronal define the ultimate measure of pleasure and intensity when it comes to giving and receiving amazing dick.

The ridge of the coronal is the narrow, circular ridge shaped edge near the top of the head of a dick. It’s perfectly positioned to cause both pleasure and relief, depending on the style and intensity of penetration and stimulation it’s put up against. The ridge of the coronal can be felt in a variety of ways: scraping against the inner walls of a tight ass, running against a luscious tongue, pushing up against a thigh or stomach, and much, much more.

  • Its round shape makes it incredibly inviting
  • Its fleshy curve lets the pressure build around an orgasm
  • The intense sensation it can cause can lead to explosive pleasure

The texture of the coronal itself can provide an added layer of pleasure, intensity, and sensuality to any dick play. The coronal can be soft, smooth, bumpy, or textured depending on how it’s meant to be felt when it comes to maximum pleasure. It’s a perfect canvas to paint with pleasure and its edges grant immense pleasure when touched or licked. With texture and penile ridge of the coronal, one can experience ecstatic orgasmic bliss like never before.

4. Capture the Natural Angles of the Shaft and Urethra

Now we explore the angles. To embark on this exploration, start by lying down in the most comfortable position you can. Curl your toes and adjust your legs so they fit around your shaft like a glove. This is the perfect angle for exploring the length of your penis, and the contours of its anatomy. We’re eager to capture the nuance of your natural angles and curves, and make them even better in the photoset.

As we explore, begin to caress your shaft, slowly and deliberately. Feel the texture and contours of your skin, the subtle ridges that define your manhood – bring these into focus. Pay special attention to your urethra, and be sure to capture its delicate angles and shadows. Feel the heat radiating off of it, and imagine the experiences it will evoke in anyone who looks upon it.

Key Takeaways

By now, you’ve experienced the exhilarating joy and creative freedom of drawing your very own penis in side view. You can express your fantasies, emotions, and innermost desires all with the stroke of a pen. So go ahead, pick up those coloured pencils, beauitiful inks, and seductive brushes and start creating the most fabulous penis from side view that you can imagine – the possibilities are truly endless.

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