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What Age Does Puberty End?

It’s the age-old question that’s occupied the minds of gay men all across the world: when does the wild ride of puberty end? Whether you were blessed to have a smooth transition or left out in the wilderness with no end to your pussy-tingling angst and dick-bobbing cravings, it’s the kind of experience that never really seems to stop. And yet, as the years tick by, we must accept that our bodies are changing, and find a way to celebrate the journey. Today we’re here to explore the age-old question of what age does puberty end, and what it means for gay men like you.

Table of Contents

1. Physical Signals of Puberty Ending

The physical transition from boy to man is never easy, and often the signs that signal the end of puberty in gay males can be confusing. Sensual, sexual awakenings are only the beginning; the physical transformation is often more dramatic and intensely emotional. Here’s a list of unmistakable changes gay men may experience as they transition into adulthood:

  • larger chest – Tightening of the muscles, and increased veins may cause some gay men to feel their chest has grown in size.
  • more defined jawline – The shape of the jawline may shift from round to square, giving a more masculine appearance.
  • darker facial hair – Maturing hormones may cause darker facial hair to develop, giving gay men the opportunity to experiment with different styles of beards, moustaches and goatees.
  • thicker dick – Gay men may experience an increase of girth and length, as the dick matures into adulthood.

For many, the physical transformation of entering manhood can be accompanied by feelings of empowerment, worthiness and authority. For some, it may also be accompanied by tremendous fear and anxiety. It’s important to remember that the physical changes associated with the end of puberty will not affect everyone the same way, and that there is no single “right” way to look, or feel as an adult.

2. Navigating Your Last Days of Puberty with Pride

Let’s face it, puberty is rarely a pleasant experience. From raging hormones to embarrassing dialogue, it’s often a turbulent time for teens. But there’s an upside to this time in life, depending on how you choose to look at it. Your last days of puberty can be navigated with pride if you keep your wits about you and go with the flow. 

First off, embrace your sexuality. The late teens are when your body is vibrating with sexual energy. Take a moment to understand the changes occurring with your body. Observe your penis in all its glory. Appreciate its every curve and groove. Its size, texture, and color. If you feel comfortable enough to do it, touch yourself too. You’ll find immense pleasure in becoming familiar with your dick. Learn what kinds of speeds, pressures, and angles drive you wild. 

By the same token, don’t be afraid to use sex as a tool to understand yourself and your relationships. Try experimenting with different partners. If you’re queer, accept your queerness with pride and explore new possibilities. Get creative in the bedroom to discover what brings you pleasure. Many “taboos” can be negotiated with the right attitude. Just be mindful of your safety and comfort levels. 

Remember, your last days of puberty don’t have to be filled with self-doubt and awkwardness. As long as you embrace your sexuality and create boundaries and rules that make you feel safe and secure, you can navigate this critical period in life with confidence and pride. 

3. Unpacking the Mental Health Effects of Adulthood

The idea of adulthood brings with it a slew of responsibilities that many of us may find overwhelming and mentally taxing. That sense of being overwhelmed can lead to the development of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and even and suicide.

The challenges of adulthood can be particularly potent for those in the LGBTQ+ community who may be dealing with complicated coming out narratives, navigating oppressive heteronormative standards and erasing homophobic stigmas. Many of us feel as though we have to suppress our originality and our own sense of creativity in order to be accepted and loved.

  • We feel the need to hide aspects of our true selves in order to fit a heteronormative mold and be seen as “normal”.
  • We are constantly struggling to produce a façade of achievements or the “right” kind of lifestyle that will make us acceptable to the mainstream.
  • We deny ourselves the pleasure of letting go and allowing our passions to guide us in expressing our authentic selves.

These stressful realities can leave us drained and craving connection, comfort and distraction. The allure of the homosexual underworld steps in to fill that need, with sultry connections and sweaty encounters that leave us with a temporary high but a fucking soul.

Concluding Remarks

So, at the end of it all, the end of puberty is a time for celebration! It’s a symbol of maturity and self-awareness for both boys and girls. With hormones surging and body-image changing, it can be a difficult time. But having reached the end of puberty, young adults can now focus on their own personal discovery and learning to love themselves – whatever age they happen to be.

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