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What Can a Guy Do to Last Longer in Bed??

Ah yes, the eternal quest for sensual pleasure and sexual satisfaction: How can a man make sure he and his partner can last together in bed? Well let’s just say, the answer lies in the technique and strength of his thrusts (and a few other tricks up his sleeve). With a little bit of flexibility and plenty of stamina, a guy can learn to control his orgasm and prolong his session of passionate delight. And we’ve got all the details you could ever need to become the ultimate pleasure master – from how to direct his movements and regulate his breath, to stimulating the right sensitive spots and nourishing his most precious organ, his dick. Let’s explore the tips and tricks of lasting longer in bed.

Table of Contents

1. Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor: Strategies for Studs and Sluts

For all the studs and sluts looking to take their intimate encounters to the next level, strengthening the pelvic floor is the best place to start. This thin sheet of muscles stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx and is the foundation for your sexual strength. While typically the starting point for women, many gay men are beginning to recognize the importance of skilling up the pelvic floor to take their amorous affairs to the next level.

It’s easy to understand why gay sex enthusiasts can appreciate the virtues of strengthening their pelvic floor. Not only does it help in combating bladder control, it also adds pleasure and control during sex. In addition, a strong pelvic floor can help enhance the feeling of orgasmic bliss while also extending its length and power. Some gay men even report being able to experience multiple orgasms with a strong pelvic floor.

  • Kegels are a great way to strengthen the pelvic floor even without a partner. This is done by tightening and releasing the muscles of the pelvic floor for 10-15 seconds, 3 times a day.
  • For those who are more daring, anal beads can be a great way to condition and strengthen the pelvic floor. begin with an insertable or anal toy of short length and practice contracting and relaxing the pelvic muscles while pushing the toy in and out for an even more intense experience.
  • Learn about the fundamentals of Tantric sex, and explore the practice of kegal exercises in combination with release of breath and energy whilst actively making love.

2. Mastering the Art of Edging: How Delayed Gratification Makes for Epic Lay

Part 1: Show some Restraint

Delaying gratification makes for an incredibly rewarding sexual experience. When it comes to sex, edging is a great way to enjoy your own pleasure or your partner’s. Edging is the practice of suppressing orgasmic sensations while having sex or masturbating. By restraining yourself or your partner from reaching orgasm, it can ramp up sensations and make that eventual orgasm explosive.

  • Start slowly and build up to a climax.
  • Never bind yourself to a rigid timeline.
  • Focus on your breathing and control your arousal levels.
  • Change positions, switch up intensity levels, and use different movements or toy.

Part 2: Ride the Wave

To practice edging, it’s important to pay close attention to your or your partner’s arousal levels and reactions. Enjoy the tantalizingly slow cruise up and down the waves of arousal. Short, shallow breaths can help your lover recognize your level of arousal and intensify sensations for a truly mind-blowing experience. Being mindful of every sensation and responding accordingly is the key to mastering the art of edging. To increase the sensation of pleasure, use some lube and pay extra attention to the most erogenous zones – like the underside of the dick and the perineum – with strokes, caresses and gentle kisses or licks.

As your partner twitches and squirms with pleasure, eventually reaching a peak in arousal, it will be an intense experience that will be remembered for a long time.

3. Tips from the Bedroom Pro: Training Your Mental Focus for Maximum Pleasure

Are you feeling frustrated with your bedroom performance? Are you being held back by mental blocks, or do you feel like you need to train your focus for increased pleasure? If so, then these tips from the bedroom pro should help you get closer to release.

  • Focus on the sensation: Slow down, and really focus on the sensation. Explore the curves and crevices of your partner’s body, and really take in the moment. Learn to be in the moment, and use it to stay in groove.
  • Bring yourself to the finish: It’s important to stay focussed and train your mental focus, so you can spiral your way closer to orgasm. Don’t expect to reach the climax in one go – using mental techniques to stimulate yourself can help you to get there in stages.
  • Experiment with different techniques: From thrusting to intriguing positions, there are many ways to explore your partner’s body and to train your nerve endings for more pleasure. Take the time to experiment and move around, to find out what works for you – and them.
  • Stay connected: A strong mental connection is an important part of getting closer to orgasm. Whether through eye contact, verbal communication or simply enjoying the moment, actively pursuing closeness can help to ensure you both reach your sexual potential.

The truth is that many of these tips won’t just help you in the bedroom – they will also help you in other areas of your life. Enhancing your mental focus and being aware of your body can be beneficial, not just for sexual pleasure, but for relaxation and well-being too.

4. Unleashing Your Primal Instincts: Exploring the Power of Tantric Stamina

It is believed that the secret to lasting longer in bed is by unleashing your primal instincts. The power of Tantric stamina is a way for your body and mind to be in sync, allowing for a heightened sense of pleasure and control.

Experience the understanding and empathize with appearance and pleasure. Find the pleasure derived from the male body and demand it, without hesitation come in a oral and understanding embrace. Take your partner in your arms and explore the sensations, adore the powerful dick in a adoring way. Be delighted in a warm embrace. Start to kiss and have your lips and hands touch the body of your lover. Let the wetness cover your hands and slowly slide down his body. Embrace the fire and just feel the primal sensation of raw sex.

  • Do not let inhibitions take away from your experience.
  • Take your time and be gentle.
  • Get to know the person and find what they like.
  • Communicate openly.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to lasting longer in bed, it takes time, effort and practice. But pleasure doesn’t have to be a fleeting experience. With these tips, any guy can confidently and expertly take his time in the bedroom, for a sweet, steamy sex session that satisfies both of you. So relish in it. Grab your partner and give it a try!

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