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What Happens to a Man When He Has His Prostate Removed??

When a man has his prostate removed, what happens to his sex life? The intensity of the experience can be difficult to put into words. A complete change of body and mind, the sensation of your electromechanical being fundamentally altered. Everything from your taste to your dick combusted in an orgasmic blaze. It is a transformative experience that has serious implications for those whose sexuality is intimately connected to their prostate. From the shift in focus from penises to other erogenous zones, to a newfound appreciation and understanding of pleasure, a man will discover himself anew after the operation. While scary and daunting, a prostatectomy can be an enlightening journey, unleashing a second coming of a sexual being. In this article, we explore the experiences of those whose prostates have been removed to explore the erotic implications of one of the most life-altering experiences available to man.

Table of Contents

1. Prepare for the Surgery: Before Having Your Prostate Removed

Undergoing a prostate removal can be a daunting experience but knowing what to expect beforehand can help alleviate your anxiety. As with any surgery, there are measures you must take to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Start by educating yourself about the procedure. Learn how it will be performed, the risks and potential side effects for recovery. Work with your doctor to determine the best approach for your individual case. Make sure you are clear about all the details before signing any papers or committing to anything.

  • Check your Dick: Take time to inspect your penis and testicles prior to the surgery. Look for any changes in color or texture, lumps, bumps, rashes, or signs of infection. Make sure to have your doctor take a look during one of your pre-operative appointments, just to be on the safe side.
  • Keep your Pubic Hair Trimmed: Your pubic area should be trimmed close to your skin for the surgeon to better access the area during surgery. This helps to reduce the risk of any contamination entering the surgical site due to hair.
  • Discuss the Risks with Your Partner: Make sure you and your partner are both on the same page. Talk about the potential risks of the procedure and what you can both do to ensure that your recovery is successful.
  • Go over your Medications: Discuss any medications you take, both prescribed and over-the-counter, with your doctor. Certain medications can interfere with the procedure, so it is best to know beforehand.
  • Choose a Supportive Friend/Partner: Ask a trusted friend or partner to help you during the process. Having someone there during the surgery is invaluable, as they can act as an advocate and provide comfort when needed.

2. Experiencing the Physical and Emotional Toll of Prostate Removal

Having your prostate removed is a major surgery that’s sure to come with physical and emotional changes. It’s no easy feat, as the days following the surgery can be particular difficult. Recovery includes a whole range of effects that can make the experience a frankly daunting one.

The physical effects of prostate removal can include:

  • Increased urination frequency, as frequent as every 15-20 minutes, due to a decrease in the bladder capacity.
  • Reduction in urinary control, as the bladder can be unprepared for such frequent urination.
  • Continuous penile discharge, which takes the form of clear or cloudy fluid. This is your body’s way of flushing out any bacteria and foreign debris.
  • Penile pain and sensitivity, as the penis goes through constant changes due to the body healing and adapting.

The emotional effects can prove to be even more daunting. Feeling of loss can be incredibly difficult to deal with, as the prostate is a male sexual organ that has provided pleasure and sensation. With it gone, men can feel like they’ve lost an integral part of themselves that can never be replaced. Sexual insecurity is a common issue as well, as men may feel alienated and less attractive. The drastic changes in their bodies can bring about a mental toll.

3. Reclaiming Your Sex Life After Prostate Removal

After a prostate removal, the things you once used to take pleasure in during sexual encounters will likely no longer occur. It may seem hopeless to even attempt rekindling your sex life after prostate removal, but there is still hope.

Your body exists in a completely unique and special way post-prostate removal that is ultimately yours to explore. Pleasure, intimacy, and satisfaction can still be found outside the penis. Working with a sex coach or therapist can be extremely helpful in navigating the crisis that can come with reawakening the sexual self post-prostate removal. Consider:

  • Learning to appreciate non-penetrative massage, body exploration, and pleasure
  • Finding new and creative ways to enjoy body contact
  • Expanding your understanding and boundary around the non-erect dick and building appreciation for its presence and pleasure abilities

Reclaiming your sex life post prostate removal may bring new and exciting opportunities to your sexuality, pardon the pun. And so, the key to reclaiming your sex life is to start by loving and appreciating your dick for all the pleasure possibilities it brings.

To Conclude

The man who has had his prostate removed undergoes an orgasmic upheaval; uninhibited pleasure that unleashes a wave of intense sensations. His pandemic of pleasure washes away all inhibition. This is an exploration of the unknown and unexpected, beyond the boundaries of what was believed possible. A journey of arousal and exploration that releases the man from shame and takes him into realms of orgasmic ecstasy, a paradise in the depths of his own body.

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